FAQ: derby day on bridge 2018

Q – Must I be 21 to enter?

A – You must be 21 years of age or older and be able to provide valid photo identification upon registration.

Parking Bridge.PNG

Q – When can I get the items that come with my ticket?

A - You will pick up your cup at the Knickerbocker with registration.

Q – How do you pay for food and drinks? Do you accept credit cards?

A - Sales of food and beverages are handled by the individual business'. 

Q – Where is the best location to park?

A - Parking can be found on Bridge or side streets. Best Lots are Dash Lot
Area 7 or Dash Lot Area 9 - see map

Q – How about UBER?

A – We ultimately recommend utilizing UBER for all of your transportation needs to and from Bridge Street. Recommended UBER pick up and drop off points are on Bridge between Lexington and Seward or on Bridge between Winter and Summer.